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Surplus Lines Homeowners Products:


A home is a profoundly valuable asset and should be protected with the best possible insurance coverage. For homeowners seeking coverage in the surplus lines market, those options are sometimes limited to policies that have stripped down coverages or carriers that do not carry financial ratings through A.M. Best. With the GeoVera Specialty Homeowners Insurance Program and its accompanying “A” (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, there is no settling for second best when insuring homeowners.

GeoVera Specialty’s homeowners (HO3) policy is designed to provide comprehensive property coverage as well as liability coverage options. The HO3 product provides insurance coverage related to all risks for the dwelling, including hurricanes, windstorms, hail, fire, lightning, and theft, and for named perils on contents. Wind Coverage is even available in coastal areas.

  • Available in AL, FL, LA, NJ, NC, RI, SC, TX, VA
  • All Risk on Dwelling, Named Perils on Contents
  • Coverage for the Primary Residence and Seasonal/Secondary occupancies in most states
  • Dwelling Coverage up to 100% of Coverage A in most states (120% for dwellings 24 years of age and newer in FL for all products)
  • Contents Issued at 50% of Coverage A in most states with options to reduce coverage percentage
  • Liability issued at $300,000 and $100,000 for Seasonal/Secondary in most states
  • Wind Coverage in coastal areas

Landlord HO3 Tenant Occupied

GeoVera Specialty offers a unique product specifically designed for landlords. HO3 Tenant Occupied is an HO3 policy with the US 05 10 endorsement. This endorsement changes the definition of “residence premises” to include a dwelling rented or held for rental to others. The HO3 Tenant Occupied policy offered by GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company provides coverages typically found in an HO3 product, but it is specifically designed for tenant occupied properties. This landlord policy (HO3 Tenant Occupied) comes with the certainty of far superior coverage compared to what can be afforded by traditional landlord insurance alternatives, such as dwelling fire policies.

Features such as replacement cost on Coverages A, B, and C, 25% Ordinance or Law Coverage, and the ability to have an LLC or corporation as a named insured all create a comprehensive blend of insurance coverages for your landlord customers. Policyholders also have the option to choose coverage options for liability, medical payments, and other structures.

  • Available in AL, FL, LA, NC, NJ, RI, SC, and TX
  • Other Structures issued at 10% of Coverage A unless excluded
  • Contents issued at 5% of Coverage A
  • Premises liability available; issued with no personal liability or medical payments coverage
  • Loss of Use issued at 10% of Coverage A

HO Wind Only

HO Wind Only policy is the HO3 policy with endorsement WH 00 03 (08-09). This policy can be purchased in conjunction with a homeowners policy that excludes wind coverage. The HO Wind Only policy is a property only policy that includes many of the same coverage options available in our HO3 and HO3 Tenant policies without coverage for personal liability and medical payments. It also includes coverage options depending upon occupancy type for personal property, loss of use, and other structures. This policy is available to many kinds of occupancies, including Primary, Seasonal/Secondary, Tenant Occupied, Vacant, and Unoccupied dwellings.

  • Available in AL, FL, LA, NC, SC, and TX
  • Dwelling Coverage up to 100% of Coverage A
  • Primary, Seasonal/Secondary, Tenant Occupied, Unoccupied, and Vacant occupancy types are eligible
  • The Other Structures coverage is issued at 10% of Coverage A. Available options are 2% or 5% and option to increase to 15% and 20% in LA, AL, & SC
  • Personal Property options are 25% and 50% of Coverage A, with a default of 50% for owner-occupied with options to reduce or to exclude in FL, LA and SC. Tenant and vacant occupancies are issued at 5%
  • Loss of Use is issued at 10% of Coverage A (except FL)
  • In Florida, Loss of Use is issued at 20% for owner-occupied, and all other occupancies are issued at 10% of Coverage A