We respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by enhancing our direct deposit, paperless, and mail consolidation efforts to make it easier for agents to work while displaced from their businesses. Our office operations also continue to serve our agents and policyholders without interruption by transitioning our employees to remote work.

Three Solutions to Streamline your Business for Agencies Adjusting to Remote Work

GeoVera Specialty is further enhancing our services so that you can spend more time focused on your clients and less time handling paper output. With the way the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted business, many agencies are working remotely. In just a few steps, your business could be streamlined with less hassle as agencies adjust to the new COVID ramifications.

Here are three areas that can help you:

1.    Direct deposit. Signing up takes less than five minutes on myGeoSource in your Account Settings. Once you’re enrolled, the monthly commission check can be deposited to your bank account faster and more securely. All commission statements are online and the Security Officer I can have access to statements five days faster.

a.    Here is how to enroll on myGeoSource:

i.     Select “My Account” under “Account Settings”.

ii.     Select the Direct Deposit tab.

iii.     Choose “Add Bank Account” and complete the steps.

2.    End Paper Copies. If we are still mailing them, you can stop the delivery of most policy level paper documents to your agency. It takes less than two minutes to turn on paperless policyholder document delivery. Your paperless settings are available in your Account Settings on myGeoSource. This is what you can expect with paperless policy documents:

a.     Your policy documents will always be available on myGeoSource to view and print. We will continue to mail a select few important documents. Our Marketing Department (contact information below) can supply a complete list.

b.     A Confirmation of Policy Notices Sent is emailed as a daily summary to the agency email address that we have on file. This summary includes a list of important documents.

c.     The Policyholder’s Paper Document delivery will not change. They will still receive paper.

Signing up for Paperless

Go to “My Account” on myGeoSource and then “Account Settings”.

Select the Agency Profile tab.

Scroll down to “Policy Documents Mailed to Agency”.

Select No from drop down menu.

Select Save Changes.

3. Envelope Consolidation. Starting the first week of April, we will implement a consolidated delivery for agents that are still receiving paper. Copies of policyholders’ documents will now be batched up and mailed weekly. For agents that have to sort through multiple envelopes a day from us, this will be a huge improvement.

In addition to the above, now is a good time to remind your policyholders to register on myGeoSource so they can manage their policy and, more importantly, pay online.

The policyholder can go to www.mygeosource.com, scroll down to the “For Policyholders” section on the log in page, and select Register Now.